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Martians Vs. Goblins - Game ft. Tyler The Creator and Lil Wayne

on Wed, 12/21/2011 - 17:31


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My Hip-Hop brother's and sister's by my/our momma by Jesus is LORD (Matthew 12:49-50;Luke 11:28),My Brother's and sister's by my/our momma by Jesus is LORD (Matthew 12:49-50;Luke 11:28),Grandma Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris my sister by my/our momma by Jesus is LORD(Matthew 12:49-50;Luke ),and My family /Extended family and Olgethrope Community Victim's and Witnesses still haven't been questioned yet concerning the 2005-2013 Wiretap Order Information!Macon Ga. Police Department,Macon Ga. Bibb County Sheriff Department,Macon Ga. Judge's, Macon Ga. Prosecuting Attorney's, Macon Ga. FBI,Macon Ga. GBI,Macon Ga. United States Secret Services,Macon Ga. Mayor Robert Reichert,Macon Ga. Governor Nathan Deal,Macon Ga. Ex Mayor C.Jack Ellis,Macon Ga. Ex Governor Sony Purdue,and more mad cause United States Supreme Court and Congress approved my wiretap order 2005-2013 reporting federal crimes automatically has to be investigated!I haven't ever been arrested for nothing pretaining to the wiretap order 2005-2013 !I am been kidnaping for ransom,retalitated against victim's and witnesses,aiding and abetting,breach of peace,Genocide,Terrorism,Treason,Conspiracies-attempts-solicitation's,threat's-stalking-harassment communication-domestice violence,violation of my privacy and eavesdroping,violation of my civil right's, violation of united states constitutional right's,and more!2005 Judge Tommy Day Wilcox Kidnapped me for ransom and more crime reported to FBI Agent Adam Preston and more!Macon Ga/Middle Ga.wiretap Order is illegal a.k.a.Violation of Privacy and Eavesdropping !Me and President Commander in Cheif Barack Obama shut them down legally!macon georgia mayor/local and Macon Georgia Governor/state mad!

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Def Jam Record Label should know everybody see's my comment's within the city-state-national law enforcement,governmental agency's, judge's, prosecuting attorney's, police department,sheriff department,emeregncy management,FBI,and more wiretap order !I would have have told Tupac and Biggie before they got first degree by stupid muthafuckas using a illegal wiretap order to committ the crimes!Macon Ga.Police Department,Macon ga.Bibb County Sheriff Department,Macon Ga.Judge's,Macon Ga.prosecuting Attorney's, Macon ga.FBI,Macon Ga.GBI,Macon enforcement,Macon ga.governmental agency's, and more looking at the evidence I'm the failure to report child abuse victim(i turned 25 years old in 2008),I'm kidnapped for ransom victim (age 16 years old -2013 age 30 years old),I'm the Child abuse victim(i turned 25 yaers old in 2008),duty to report suspected child abuse victim(i turned 25 yaers old in 2008),I'm united states of veteran Alex Harris Jr. grandson he was first degree murdered(and more) here in Macon Ga. in 1965,I'm Double Jeapordy Victims  and kidnaping for ransom and more (2005-2013),and more Everybody Know's Murder is a capital offenses punishable by death crime no statute of limitation,Everybody know Kidnaping is a capital offense punishable by death crime no statute of limitation,and more We've watched city-state-national law enforcement,governmental agency's,prosecuting attorney's, judge's ,media ,and more talk about Hollywood,NFL PLayer's,MLB Player's, Hip-Hop artisit's,and more they ain't said nothing about themselves!They looking at the document's admissible evidence to the crimes now the Internet Wiretap Order they can't win !Can't nobody destroy no evidence to any crime it's against the law!Hell Nahh! I don't like Macon Ga. and Middle Ga. they're fugitives from justice,hypocrites, and more!Russell Simmons ,T.I. .a.k.a.Clifford Harris , Pliesworld .a.k.a.Algernod Washington ,and more witnesses  to everything within the wiretap order 2005-2013 !Now that's gangsta legit hustler's,legit killer's, legit money, and legit!How does Macon Ga.plan justify aiding and abetting each other on duty to report suspected child abuse(committed a minor under age of years old) federal crimes 1996-2013?How is Macon Ga./Middle Ga.Wiretap Order legal against me,My family/Extended family and Olgethrope Community Victim's and Witnesses when all the judge's fugitives from justice ,aiding and abetting,conspirator's,committing,and more all crimes!Can't Justify Kidnaping me for Ransom and more!And it's on paper's and wiretap order and press! Fuck macon Ga.!I reprsent the LORD thy God and Jesus is LORD and everything heaven sent!They some coward's ya'll!Macon Ga.13WMAZ,92.3,97.9,107.1,Fox News,BET,CNN,Oprah Winfrey,and more don't ever ever tell a minor they have to get them being child abused in court before ya'll can air it again!A child can die like and either way ya'll the press would be held responsible for violation of first amendment of united states constitutional right's, federally protected activities civil rights federal crimes violation,duty to report suspected child abuse federal crime,and more just like in my cases!(smiling and laughing!!!!)Everybody who isn't investigating the 2005-2013 wiretap order information and making arrest-conviction-and sentences fuck up!(smiling and laughing!!!!)I can see you ,but you can't see!Macon Ga.can't arrest for nothing on the wiretap order so retalitating against victims and witness kidnaping me for ransom,and more it's on in the 2005-2013 wiretap order information!

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BlackWall Street isn't falling thank's to the LORD thy God!